Auction platform

The Circuit Auction Platform integrates an in-house bid management module, an intuitive back office, and a professional Auctioneer website for you to run ALL your auction business efficiently in one place.

Bid Management Module

Easily integrate all bid sources and manage the bid process all on one dashboard.

Run auctions in house - Keep your customer list safe and in full control of the bidding process by running live and mail sales from your website. Integrate in one place all your bid sources: third party, live, phone, fax, messages.

Accounts administration - Manage your customer list efficiently using a workflow designed for auctioneers: add and edit accounts, control approved bidders, bidding rights, and maximum bid limits.

Permissions Control - As the platform owner you receive exclusive permissions to run auctions. You can easily place bids for other users, upload mass bids from an excel sheet and delete bids. You have full control over who sees what. You can delegate permissions to employees and service providers as needed.

Pre Auction (Absentee) Bidding - Circuit Auction supports pre-auction or absentee bidding where clients can post their bids or you bid on behalf of a client before the live auction starts. These bids will appear as “Book Bids” on the auctioneer live auction console and will submit automatic bids during a live auction up to the price given.

Notifications - Increase bidder participation with SMS and email notifications when a client is out bid on a pre auction or mail bid. Your clients will be sent back to your site to place another bid. Our anti-sniper system, adding more time to the closing date of a mail auction item, gives your clients enough time to add their bids and a fair chance to win the item.

Video & Audio Broadcast - During live auction, video or audio can be broadcasted from the room, giving bidders the feeling they are physically present.

messaging system

Internal messaging system - A built in internal messaging system to send public or private messages to bidders before, after and throughout live auctions. You can also send custom messages notifying clients when an item of interest is about to go live.

Bids Management Reports - Easily export detailed bid reports with filters including a sale summary sheet with all winning clients, full bids report with all bids placed in the auction with dates, bills that can be sent to clients for payment and more. Custom reports can be added as needed.

Back Office for Auctioneers

Consolidate your back office activities with a fully connected and intuitive workflow.

Back Office Suite - The integrated Back Office allows you to focus on your core business, selling & buying items. Running your entire business in one place you will save time on administration, you won’t lose any more items and will have full control over your tasks. Everything in one easy to use and intuitive module.

Security - Circuit Auction Back Office is run on a secure closed installation, independent from your Circuit Auction Website, this is to ensure none of your internal sensitive data will leak out. Access to the back office server can be limited to IP ranges to ensure that only you will be able to access the data.

Syncing - Circuit Auction Back Office fully and automatically syncs with your Circuit Auction Website and Bid Management sections. No more moving excel sheets from one platform to the next. Now all your data is synced.

Revision Control - Circuit Auction Back Office uses revisions on all pages, so any change can be tracked and changed back if needed. This is very important while working in a team, allowing you to view each team member’s change.

Client Management - Auction managers have full control over clients, consignors and bidders, you can Add/Edit/Delete, change user status (approved or unapproved for bidding), view client's history of past bid bills and consignments, send emails and more.

Consignment - Create a consignment attached to a client and assign a staff member to break up a consignment. You can add a scan of the bill, enter commission specifically for this consignment , add extra fees and payment instructions to be used when creating the consigner order after the items have been sold.

Item - Create Items from consignments, add images, descriptions with translation, categories and prices directly on the item page. You can add automatic tasks to items to streamline the work needed for creating your auction items. Once you have finished writing up the items you attach it to a sale for auctioning on your site. If you sell your own items you can mark them as “Auction house inventory” so you can deal with them separately when creating the orders and tax calculations.

Sales - Circuit Auction Back Office allows you to create a sale and post it on your website to start bidding. First you need to select the type of sale you want (mail or live), add dates and set the bid steps. To add items to the sale select the items you want and in one click they are part of the sale.

Item Numbering - Adding lot numbers is one of our key features. You can assign lot numbers automatically from a category sorting list. The category hierarchy can be easily changed as needed to suit your needs. You can change the lot numbers by moving the items up and down to finalize the auction arrangement. Lot letters (eg. 12A) can be used to enter late lots to the sale without the need to reorder the entire sale.

Export the Sale - Once your sale is ready you can export the entire sale data in excel/word/pdf format for print and uploading to external websites. The output file can be modified to match your printed catalog. Enterprise users can connect to the database through our API, and pull the sale data directly to their publishing software. (eg. 12A) can be used to enter late lots to the sale without the need to reorder the entire sale.

messaging system

Orders & Billing Circuit Auction - Back Office generates orders automatically for both consignors and bidders, that can be easily sent to your clients or printed out. You can edit the order and add commission on a per item basis, add extra fees for shipping or bank charges, add VAT if needed and more. All activities associated with the order can be tracked so no orders will be lost. Once the payment has been received you can add the receipt number to the order to track payment and make sure no orders are forgotten.

Tasks & Activities Management - Run your auction business efficiently by managing your tasks and activities in one place. You can delegate work to team members and track the progress of each tasks. Tasks can be attached to any content, assigned to a staff member and have a due date. Each team member can login to the Back office and see all the tasks waiting for him, saving time and money for you.

Auction Website Set Up

Professionally present your business with modern web design and functionality designed for Auctioneers.

Designed for the Auction Business - Professionally present your business with modern web design and functionality designed for Auctioneers including eCommerce functionality for direct sales. Our team of designers uses the latest user experience design concepts focusing on getting your clients engaged and to participate in online auctions. The website is fully integrates with the other platform sections

Multiple Themes - Circuit Auction websites come with a multi display theme so you can choose how to display your site’s content. Colors, fonts & logo can be easily changed with our appearance editor.

Works on the various Devices and Platforms - Circuit Auction sites run flawlessly across the various operating systems and browsers, with No Downloads required. With a responsive web design, you only require a single website to adapt to the various width ranges from desktop monitors to mobile phones.

Hosting - All our sites are hosted on a cloud using the latest technologies with a 99.9% uptime SLA. Your data is safe and secure with daily backups in a remote location. We ensure fast website upload to maximise the user experience.

Multilingual - You can add any language to your site, translating all the sites content. Having a multilingual website helps expand your business by attracting more traffic, targeting your potential clients, building your company’s credibility, and increasing your presence on Search Engines.

Built in Search Engine Optimization - Circuit Auction websites use the latest on page optimization techniques to ensure that search engines can better understand and index your site, making it easier to find you under the keywords you are targeting.

User Friendly Site Admin - Enjoy full control over each and every part of your site. With a simple interface, easily add, edit, delete or upload an unlimited number of pages, images, sales, items, bids and more.

Robust Search - Enhance your clients experience with a powerful internal search engine that includes: Multilingual cross reference search allowing your clients to search in any site language, Partial word search, Autosuggest to correct spelling mistakes and show similar terms, Facets to narrow results easily, sorting options and more.

messaging system

Customization - For auctioneers interested in a unique design, we offer customization services. Our team of designers can incorporate your current website’s design to the new site or design a completely new look for your business.

Off Site Search Engine Optimization - In addition to the built-in on page SEO, you can further increase website traffic with our offering of off page optimization. This includes adding your site to relevant indexes, search engine & directory submission, link exchange, photo & video sharing, business reviews, local listing and yellow pages.