About Us

N.Z Circuit Auction Ltd. is a software company that built a platform for auction houses to navigate the shift to a digital auction experience. The makeup of the company is a partnership between two leading companies in each of their fields - the auction market and complex web-technology solutions.

Circuit Auction’s conception came from real needs understood from our 20 plus years of work with auctioneers. The digital economy means there is a huge shift in the way business is being conducted and now auction houses, in order to stay relevant, are under pressure to adapt to these changes. New technologies are being adopted both to strengthen their brand, as well as run their business.

Taking into real consideration the auction houses’ needs, it became apparent that there is a necessity for a system to cover and integrate the entire workflow end-to-end. In a market that works with a large amount of data and information, there are great implications of this to the bottom line - both in increase in sales and decrease in expenses.

A family affair. Moti Kremener, a life time stamp collector and international judge and his son Yoav Kremener, an IT specialist, built together Stampcircuit.com, one of largest stamp portals and online community, for the past 20 years.